Written by Gene Nech on April 21, 2014
Martial Arts refers to an activity that pursues the harmonized growth and improvement through spiritual and physical activities.  Through training  one must overcome extreme opposition for survival between himself and the opponent. Martial Arts is a concrete system of fighting skills that imply all of these meanings. Extreme opposition for survival refers in most cases to the fight that puts life at risk, but is not confined merely to that. Rather, this relationship includes all cases where you fight antagonistically for everything you have; for example, the case of a political struggle for the life or death of a people or nation, or else an investment of all one’s time and money in a business or enterprise, and so forth.

Written by Gene Nech on March 27, 2014
The most important factor in reading your opponents changes in rhythm is his breath. After all, breath is the mainstream of life, and motions and changes belong to the living. Therefore, there can be no movement of your opponent that is alive and absolutely separated from the rhythm of breathing. Even hard motion, when in accord with breathing, not only does not exhaust your energy but boosts it. On the other hand even the simplest motion, done out of accord with breathing, tires first your muscles and then your whole body. Man’s best and most perfect motion is simply breathing itself.
Written by Gene Nech on March 12, 2014
The world has witnessed great fighters like the Spartans, Vikings, Mongols, Huns, Romans, Ottomans, Macedonians, Goths, Knights, Persians and Celts. Warriors like Alexander the Great, Richard the Lionheart, Hannibal, Hercules, Eric the Red, Hector, Attila, Achilles and even Siddhartha (Buddha) trained in systematic ways of fighting and lived by a code of ethics.

This leads us to ask several intriguing questions. Did martial arts originate from China, India or Greece? Or have they risen independently? How did they spread? Today we are going to explore the history of the Martial Arts we know today.
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